Social Activities

Being a parent of Multiples (be twins, triplets or more) can be quite overwhelming at times and while our family and friends can be supportive it's good to be able to meet other multiple parents who really understand what we are going through. It's great to talk and share our problems, frustrations and joys with other people. 

We should never underestimate the importance of social interation with other parents and their children. The washing can wait, a cup of coffee and a friendly ear are just a important. 

There is a range of events that give you the oppertunity to meet and connect with others in a fun & understanding environment. 

Some of the events include:
- Meet’n’Greet An informal gathering for new multiple families to meet others.
- Mum’s Nights Out Mums get a rest and have dinner out at a local restaurant.
- Dads night out, Events for dads to connect and relax with others who are experiencing similar things
- Trivia nights, Get your friends and family together for a fun night out with the amazing trivia master and great prizes
- Family Fun Nights Usually at an indoor playground center night for the whole family
- Social events for Toddlers
- Family movie nights
- Christmas Party Santa visits all the kids at our family picnic day!
- Shopping Spree Mums (or dads) visit many factory outlets for bargain shopping!
- POSAM (Parents of School Age Multiples) Parent and family events for those whose multiples/siblings are of school age.

Please refer to the Double Cuddles Newsletter for Facebook page for upcoming events & dates.
Come along and join us for some fun. You will be most welcome and will find the events to be very rewarding for all the family.

Expectant Parent Information Evenings

Held approximately three times a year, our Expectant parents Information Night allows you to connect with other parents and expectant parents of multiples.

  • Hear about experiences of being a parent to multiples from other parents
  • Get advice about useful resources
  • Ask as many questions as you like
  • Opportunity to meet other expectant parents from your area
  • Find out more about ESMBA membership

Check out our Facebook page or your email inbox for our Double Cuddles Monthly Newsletter for more information.

Information Evenings

Parent Information nights are held approximately every two months.

We invite experts from different areas of particular interests to parens of multiples to present with a Q&A session at the end. We are always interested in suggestions from members in what talks/sessions you would like to attend. So please feel free to emails your thoughts to us. 

Previous topics/speakers:

  • Twin expert child psychologist Andrew Greenfield
  • School choices for multiples
  • Choosing Childcare for Multiples
  • Parenting toddler multiples
  • Sleep & Settling Techniques

Club Discounts

AMBA provides a comprehensive list of stores and services who offer our members a discount, including nappies, formula, babyfood and more. All you need to do is check the list, find the store (maybe online) and show your member card/ quote your member number. This list is undated regularly and send out directly to members families. 

In addition to the AMBA's national discounts, we have some local specific dicounts available to members incliding home-delivered meals, activities for multiple families, clothing dicounts and DNA testing for those still wondering about the zygosity of their multiples.

Remember, even if the store is not on the list - ask for discount anyhow!